CSC 471/371 Programming Assignment 8 – A Table View App solution




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• Building a list app with a master list and at least one level of detail view.
• Using dynamic Table view and Navigation View
• Exploring iOS documentation of various classes used in this assignment
1. Create a master-detail app that presents information of your interest in the form of a
list. The subject of the list is your choice. There are many possibilities, e.g., top
restaurants in Chicago (
Chicago_Illinois.html), information about the countries in the Europe Union
(, etc. The master list should contain at least a dozen
or more items.
2. The app starts with a master list, which is a Table view. When an item in the master list
is touched, a detail view of the selected item will be presented. One level of details is
required, but you may have more.
3. You should design your app to present the information in a clear and effective manner.
a. Use a dynamic Table view for the master list.
b. Present a well-designed detail view.
c. Use images in either the master list or the detail view.
4. Be creative.
5. Make sure your program
a. builds without errors or warnings, and
b. runs without crashing.