CSC 471/371 Programming Assignment 4: Mock Remote Control solution




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• Explore Xcode and build simple UI
o Using UI views and controls
• Explore UIKit documentation
1. Create a simple mock remote control app with an interface similar to the one shown
2. The functions of the app mimic the usual functions of a simple TV remote control.
Instead of controlling a real TV, and status of the “TV” being controlled by your
remote will be displayed at the top portion of the screen. The minimum functions
must include the following:
a. The power switch will turn “My TV” on and off. When the power is off, all
other controls on the remote should be disabled.
b. The volume slider will control the speaker volume. The range of the volume is
from 0 to 100 (inclusive).
c. The number keys and the ‘Ch +’ and ‘Ch –“ keys will control the current
channel. The range of the valid channels is from 1 to 99 (inclusive). Channels
are selected using two digits, including single digit channels. For example,
channel 7 is selected using ‘0’ and ‘7’ keys. Channels can also be selected using
‘Ch +’ key (+1 to the current channel) and ‘Ch -‘ key (-1 to the current
d. The favorite channel buttons are part of a segmented control. Each button
remembers a specific channel. You can select a favorite channel by press one
of the favorite channel buttons.
3. Be creative to spruce up your app.
4. Make sure your program
a. builds without errors or warnings, and
b. runs without crashing
1. Use UIView as a container to divide a screen into separate regions.
2. Use the enabled property of the UIView class to enable or disable controls.
3. Make sure when the app starts up, the TV status display and the remote control
settings are consistent.
Bonus Points
Use auto layout and test the layout on different screen sizes of iPhones. Make sure all the
widgets are visible and reasonably positioned and spaced. Portrait mode only.