CSC 471/371 Programming Assignment 7: Mock Remote Control III solution




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• Developing a tabbed application with multiple screens
• Sharing data among different view controllers.
1. Create a tabbed version of mock remote control. This version of the app will consist of
3 tabs. The first two tabs will be similar to the TV and DVR remote control as
described in Programming Assignment #6.
2. The third tab is a configuration panel for the favorite channels in the TV remote
control, similar to the one below.
a) The segmented control allows you to select which of the four favorite channel
buttons is to be configured. The favorite channel buttons are numbered 1 – 4 from
left to right.
b) The text box allows you to enter a short label to be displayed on the favorite
channel button. The label must be between 1-4 letters in length. If the label is too
long or to short, an alert should popup with an appropriate message.
c) The channel number should be in the range of 1-99. The widget next to the channel
number is a Stepper object for selecting an integer value.
d) The Save button saves the current configuration, while the Cancel button will
ignore the current values, and the configuration of the favorite buttons will remain
3. If the new configuration is saved, the favorite channels in the TV remote should reflect
the new configuration, i.e., the label and channel number will be adjusted according to
the configuration.
4. It is not required to save the configuration data in a file.
5. Important: You are required to use auto-layout in all the scenes, for the portrait mode
1. Consider using a separate model class to represent the configuration data.
2. The controllers for the TV remote and the configuration panel both need to have
access to the configuration data object.