ECE 555 HW#5 solution




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The Figure below is an RRP robot. For this robot system:
1. D-H Parameters (10 points)
2. Determine the symbolic tool-tip velocities using partial differential
equations (20 points)
3. Determine the symbolic tool-tip linear and angular velocities using the
O and Z vector from the A Matrix. (20 points)
4. For the robot configuration shown below, where all the links are 1 unit
and Theta1 and Theta2 is at zero degrees, determine the numerical
Jacobian Matrix. (10 points)
5. Determine the inverse Jacobian for the Matrix found in Question 4. (10
6. Write a MATLAB script to solve for the inverse kinematics, (q1, q2, q3)
to position the robot at 0.25x + 0.25y + 1.354z (30 points)