ECE 555-01 HW#1 solution




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Given a robot located at -2x + 3y + 5z with the following IMU
orientation: Roll = 5 deg, Pitch = -5 deg, Yaw = 10 degrees. The robot has
a sensor that is mounted 1 units from its object z axis. The sensor
detects an object with the following transformation.
Determine the location and orientation of the object in reference the
world coordinate system.
 Draw a system Pose Graph [10 Pts.]
 Determine the Pose of robot w.r.t world [30 Pts.]
 Determine the Pose of the Sensor w.r.t robot [5 Pts.]
 Determine the Pose of the object w.r.t world [50 Pts.]
 Prove that the Rotations component is valid [5 Pts.]