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Arrays can be created as one-dimensional or multi-dimensional to meet different business needs. Explain a business scenario that would require a one dimensional array. Explain a business scenario that would require a two dimensional array
A binary search is an efficient method to search a large array. Explain the search technique used in binary search.

Visual Basic provides libraries that allow data to be read from a text file into a program. Once the data is read from the file, it can be processed in a number ways. Assume you are a developer working for a small retail company. You have been asked to develop a Visual Basic application that reads product information from a file and generates a report. The input file contains many lines of product data: Each line contains product identification, name, price, and quantity. Explain the process you would use to generate the report.
A program that requires data from a text file will fail if there is a problem with the text file: file may not be accessible, file may be empty, or there may not be enough system memory to process the file. What would you do in your program to avoid these pitfalls when working with text file in your program?

Imagine that your company has decided to expand to the Web. You want to reuse some data entry code that has been developed in Windows and place it on the Web. Visual Basic code has the capability to run on a Web server. Explain the process you would go through to develop a Web page locally.
Internet Explorer is the number-one Web browser, but many users are moving to Chrome and Firefox Web browsers. Each of these browsers has slight differences in displaying the screen content. Explain how this can occur to your Web screen and any ways to prevent this.