Project #1 Java multithreading solution


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Using java programming, synchronize the threads in the context of the problem. Do NOT use any semaphores, wait(), notify() or notifyAll()


– Suppose there are Npass passenger threads (default 11) and Ncars (default 3).
– The passengers line up to take rides in cars to tour the Haunted house and busy wait for a car to start loading.
-Each car can hold a certain number of passengers P (default 4).
– When the car returns from a tour of the Haunted House and empties, it will let the passengers on line take a haunted house tour by taking
seats in the car upto the car’s passenger capacity.
The cars wait and they will depart when the last passenger to take a seat will signal. (binary
– However as soon as the passenger is allowed to get in the car, as a polite gesture he will first yeild.
– The last passenger that gets in the car will have the car started.
– Throughout the ride the passengers sleep for a long time. The car thread will wake up the passengers sleeo by using interrupt().
– The car goes out on tour only when it is full, so if there is not enough passengers when the car returns, the car waits until it fills.
– There is a possibility that the last car will not be completely filled so an exception can be made.
– After a passenger completes three rides, he will wonder for a while and then attempt to leave.
– Passengers leave in a specific order, N will join N-1, N-1 joins N-2,…, first passenger doesn’t join any thread.
– The last passenger to leave will also have the cars terminate.