CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 5 solution


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Exercise 6.14 JHTP: (Variable-Length Argument List) Write an application that calculates the product of a series of integers that are passed to method product using a variable-length argument list. Test your method with several calls, each with a different number of arguments.

Exercise 6.17 JHTP: (Dice Rolling) Write an application to simulate the rolling of two dice. The application should use an object of class Random once to roll the first die and again to roll the second die. The sum of the two values should then be calculated. Each die can show an integer value from 1 to 6, so the sum of the clause will vary from 2 to 12, with 7 being the most frequent sum, and 2 and 12 the least frequent. Figure 6.21 shows the 36 possible combinations of the two die. Your application should roll the dice 36,000 times. Use a one-dimensional array to tally the number of times each possible sum appears. Display the results in a tabular format.