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In this etude you will develop a strategy for playing the game ´ For Sale, and implement it
as a Java class. The rules of For Sale are attached (for use only as part of this educational
I will provide a framework that allows you to run tournaments among different players.
You are encouraged to use this to evaluate and refine your strategies. If you wish to
share your strategy with other groups, that’s fine – but please treat such sharing as a
“black box”, i.e., do not inspect or use the code from other groups’ work.
The town hall on September 14 will feature a tournament among your strategies, so
code must be submitted no later than the end of the day on September 11.
There are four parts to this task:
• Choosing a team name.
• A project diary. This should be a PDF file which informally documents your work
(it could well include, e.g., scanned handwritten notes and comments like “Stuck
because of a bug in Michael’s tournament framework – waiting for a fix”.)
• One or more implementations of the forsale.Strategy interface (details to
follow on this).
• A short formal report (from one to two sides of A4 at 10 to 12 point size for the
body text) that explains your strategy and the processes you used to come up with
it. Think of this as a sales pitch to a client who is not only interested in the direct
comparisons between competing versions of the current product, but of evidence
about good processes for future projects.
(2 point, Group)