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You are to develop a rental calculator for the Beachport Village apartments, a small two-building complexof single apartments located in Playa del Rey close to the beach. The complex has two buildings:ShorelineandWavecrest. The Shoreline building has direct whitewater views of the beach, and is moreexpensive in which to rent. The rental calculator allows the user to enter a base rent (which would be therent charged for a standard [default] apartment) and then to select a variety of attributes about anapartment:●location (building)●fireplace or not●non-smoking unit or notThe combination of attributes determines the ultimate monthly rent to be paid. Actual rent may be lowerthan Base Rent due to discounts provided by certain attributes (in this program’s case, just the non-smoking unit).The attributes are to be selected, and then upon pressing of an on-screen Calculate Rent button, the rentis calculated and displayed.You are to develop this program using Visual Basic.Detailed SpecificationsA working version of the program (.exefile only) is downloadable. See the link to it above. It is calledbeachportui.exe(stands for Beachport User Interface). This version shows the user interface youshould use; the program itself is fully functional.You are to develop a form laid out just like the one in the working version, complete with the samecontrols, labels, titles and colors. Please be careful of your sizing of the form and controls and thespacing;sizing and spacing should approximate that in the working version.The form should have a fixed single border style (meaning the borders are NOT resizable). Each of theitems in the chart (including building) adds a discrete positive or negative amount onto the base rent.Base rent can be any number. No validation checks are needed for this program. You will assume theuser is entering a positive integer value.Building is a combo box (DropDownList style) that has one of the buildings specified above. AssumeWavecrest;it should be the default building which appears in the box upon running the program

Remember, this is a dropdown list, so the user should not be able to add any value not on the list, nor canthe user “character-edit” any value which appears in the list. Renting in Shoreline adds $140 to the rent.Fireplaces are available in selected units. A $27 per month premium applies. This item should be”unchecked” upon entering the form.Some of the units are non-smoking, and these suffer less wear and tear than other units. There is a $11per month discount on these. This item should be “unchecked” upon entering the form.The final rent box (for display of the final rent) should have the slight 3D sunken look, but because it isonly for display, it should NOT be a text box but a label.Important:When you create the label, one of theproperties (AutoSize) will be set toTrue. You will need to change this toFalseso that you can size thelabel appropriately.Also, think about property in this control you’d need to change to get the border to have the Fixed3D look.Also, the text should be aligned to be centered (vertically and horizontally) within the label. (This laststatement gives a hint which property controls the alignment of the text. Figure it out.)The label above the final rent box that identifies it should be bold and slightly larger as shown. Theamount that appears inside the box should be bold and large as shown. Do not display any $ or decimalplaces in the box. The box should be empty upon program start. The background color of the box shouldbe the same as in the sample running program–Cyan. Cyan is one of the “web” colors, which makes iteasy to look up in the VB color chart of the appropriate property.The base rent text box should be blank upon starting the program. The default area which should bedisplayed isWavecrest.Note that the form itself should have the title “Beachport Village Rental Calculator” appearing in the titlebar. Also, you should definitely include the labels you see, including the name of the complex and itsslogan.The Exit button should end the program (otherwise known as “closing the form”). The Calculate Rentbutton always needs to be pressed to determine the latest rent