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SkyforestRental Calculator for Visual BasicGeneral Information

You are to develop a rental calculator for the Skyforest Apartments, a lushly landscaped mega-complex located at the base of the mountains. The mega-complex is divided into three areas:Northern Lights,Rocky Terrace, andChinook Village, each of which has their own uniquecharacter and quality of units. The rental calculator allows the user to enter a base rent (whichwould be the minimum rent charged for a standard version of the least expensive unit type) andthen to select a variety of attributes about an apartment, include:* number of bedrooms* number of bathrooms* view* location* amenities, including fireplace, extra parking space, non-smoking buildingThe combination of attributes determines the ultimate monthly rent to be paid. Moreover, theprogram figures out the deposit amount too, based on type of pet, credit rating of the renter, andother factors.The attributes are to be selected, and then upon pressing of an on-screen Calculate Rentbutton, the rent and deposit are calculated and displayed.You are to develop this program using Visual Basic.Functional SpecificationsAn executable sample version of the program (.exefile only) is downloadable from the mainscreen for this assignment. This sample version shows the basic user interface you should use.Although the sample program itself is reasonably accurate, it has not been fully tested and therent and deposit amounts shown may be incorrect in certain instances other than with thegrading criteria data. The access keys are, though, fully represented in this interface. Pleaseuse the functional specifications below to determine actual function, unless otherwise noted.Please donote, however, that the dynamic enabling and disabling of controls based on valuesselected doeswork properly in the sample; your program should perform the same way.A static picture of the form is available. Please view it if you are having trouble running thesample programYou are to develop a form laid out just like the one in the sample version, complete with thesame controls. Control locations and control/form sizes should be approximately the same.Access keys for theBase Rent,Area,Calculatebutton,Exitbutton and menu (menu title andmenu items) should also be the same as with the sample version. Keep in mind that for accesskeys to work properly, you should establish a proper tab order that places the base rent text boximmediately after its label (and similar for theAreacombo box and its label). These are the onlytwo requirements for tab order, however, the rest of the form’s tab order should be establishedin a decent logical way.The program’s executable build uses the standard “XP Look”, so the program should appear thesame on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.x, and the various versions of VB. However, in case of aslight shift due to a newer version of VB, there’s no reason to panic or contort the look of any ofthe controls; the program basically uses the “natural” look of each control.Each of the items in the chart (except area) adds onto either base rent, deposit or both

Selection of some options excludes the availability of other options, and these will be notedbelow. The area specifies a multiplier to a standard rent charge, based on which area isselected. Standard rent is defined as the base rent plus all the options selected.You will note several group boxes. Please be aware of the instructions below for creating optiongroups, as each group is exclusive of the others.The base rent can be any number from 500 up. If it is less than 500, a Critical-style messagebox should be displayed indicating the error. The error text should read:Base rent must be 500or higher, the box title should sayInput Errorand the button should beOK. If the rent is non-numeric, a Critical-style message box should be displayed indicating the error. The error textshould read:Base rent must be a number, the box title should sayInput Errorand the buttonshould beOK. Design your program so that it uses a defined constant for the minimumpossible base rent, as well as for the initial base rent.Area is a dropdown liststyle of combo box that has one of the areas specified above:· Northern Lights is the standard area.· Rocky Terrace units are more luxurious and add a premium of 40% to the standard rentafter calculating for all options.· Chinook Village is quaint and high demand, although the units are smaller, and adds apremium of 10% to the standard rent after calculating for all options. There are no MountainFoliage views in Chinook Village, so selection of Chinook Village should disable that view.(Remember to re-enable the view for other areas.) If Mountain Foliage is the view alreadyselected and the user selects Chinook Village, the view should change to Courtyard.For bedrooms, single units are covered by the base rent. One bedroom units are $200 higherthan base. One and den units are $325 higher than base. Two bedroom units are $400 higherthan base. Single units never have more than one full bathroom, so selection of Single shoulddisable the other bathroom options. One bedroom units and one and den units never have twofull bathrooms, so selection of either should disable two full baths. Two bedroom units neverhave only one bathroom; they always have one and a half baths or two baths, so disable onebath if two bedroom is selected. Remember always to re-enable the options for other size units.For one bedroom units and one and den units, having one and a half baths is a $50 premiumover the standard one bath. For two bedroom units, having two baths is a $35 premium over thestandard one and a half baths.For views, courtyard is standard. Parking lot views (called “automotive” on the form) give adiscount of $10 off the rent. Mountain foliage views–if available–command a premium of $62.Creek and waterfall views are especially prized and command a premium of $101.Fireplaces are plentiful throughout the complex, so not having one is rare and would constitutea $15 per month discount. This item should already be “checked” upon entering the form.Some of the units are on non-smoking floors or buildings, and these are prized by manyprospective renters. There is a $10 per month premium on these.Each extra parking space is $35 per month, and is subject to availability. Parking is NOT part ofthe standard rent (therefore not subject to area multipliers) and is the same price in all areas ofthe mega-complex. It should, though, be included in the on-screen rent display and it doesfigure into the deposit.Having a storage facility available is an extra bonus enjoyed by Skyforest residents.