Project #1 Coffee Language Parse solution


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Coffee Language Parse (100 points): Given the description of the Coffee language
(CoffeLanguage_Syntax.pdf) you are asked to implement the lexer that does the tokenization of the
input stream. You will start with the code provided and complete the parts that throws an exception.
The only file that you are required to modify is “”.
Grading: Full score would require the lexer code to implement the proper regular expression or DFA
for identifiers as well as integer values. You may not use available Java code for regular expression
finding such “Java.Util.Regex”. 20 points will be taken away for those not implementing a proper DFA
or regular expression reader.
Submission and Grading
Coffee language project is given in the You are asked to complete this project.
contains an IntelliJ Idea 15 project, you are expected to submit an IntelliJ Idea 15 project. Do not modify
the provided files other than Lexer class. You are free to add any additional classes.
You will submit your version of file via Moodle.