PROG2000 Assign-05 : Hi-Lo (Again ?!? Are You kidding me ?!?!) – in ASP.NET solved


Original Work ?
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You will need to implement your original assignment for a Hi-Lo game (from A-01 and A-04) using
ASP.NET Web Forms (with ASP.NET HTML Server controls and ASP.NET Web Server controls). You can
choose to do this assignment by yourself or with a partner if you like.


• To practice using ASP.NET Web Forms within Visual Studio
• Reinforce the use of server-side technologies


1. The user should have the same game experience as in A-01 and A-04

2. By this point in your WDD progression, you should be adding some styling and enhancement
(CSS) to the application with the user experience in mind …

3. Basic data validation on the input fields should be accomplished using the Validators in ASP.NET

a. You may want to investigate using Custom Validators

b. As well, it is expected that any prompting for information from the user will be done
through input controls in the Web Form

4. The “game engine” must be executed on the server side (as in A-04)

a. In creating an ASP.NET project using Visual Studio, this assignment must include some
code behind. So this means that your solution cannot be coded using Web Forms with
inline coding only.

5. Make sure you comment you source code appropriately

a. If you’re doing this assignment with a partner, then please ensure you include both
partner names in your file header comments (within your VS solution as well as the .aspx

Hand in:

1. Clean your Visual Studio solution and ZIP it up (including all source and .aspx pages) and submit
it to the drop-box by the deadline.
2. Also remember that this solution will be tested using Internet Explorer v11 as well as Chrome