PROG2000 Assign-02 : HTML Forms, Validation and Submission solution


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This is an individual assignment. The idea behind this assignment is to get you comfortable in the creation of an HTML

without having to bother with the accompanying server-side stuff. The requirements are
straight forward and the ASP page that you will submit your form to is being hosted on my office PC
(http://pc-00224d503c23/testRequest.asp) or you can host it on your own IIS with the ASP page in the ZIP file
included with this assignment.


• To practice using various input elements in a form element
• To practice input-level (client-side) data validation
• To practice and experiment with some basic web design and layout techniques


1. The name of your HTML form and page must be register.html
2. The title of the page is SET Registration.
a. This title should be visible to the user on the page, and it should be in the heading of the HTML

3. The User Interface should ask for the following information:
a. Name (in a textbox)
b. Street (in a textbox)
c. City (in a textbox)
d. Province (in a dropdown list box containing all provinces and territories)
e. Postal Code (in a textbox)

• All of these fields are required for the form to be submitted
• Check out this link for the required structure of the Canadian Postal Code. Please note that you
only need to verify that Civic Address postal codes have been input.

4. In addition, there should be a set of option buttons (radio buttons) that allow you to choose between
being Student or Faculty.

a. If Faculty is chosen, a list of check boxes should appear that lets you select (all that apply) from
i. Teach in Engineering
ii. Drive Car to Work
iii. Bring Lunch

b. If Student is chosen, a list of check boxes should appear that lets you select (all that apply) from
i. Study in Information Technology
ii. Own a Laptop Computer
iii. Take Bus to School
iv. Own a Portable Music Player

• It is required that one of the 2 radio buttons (i.e. Student or Faculty) has been selected, but it is not
required that any of the subsequent check boxes are selected
Assign-02 : HTML Forms, Validation and Submission

5. A Submit and Cancel button should be available

a. If Submit is pressed, the data on the form is first validated for completeness and content format
and then submitted to the response page
i. Any errors should be identified on the form by way of user feedback and the form must
not be submitted
b. If Cancel is pressed, the form should clear and be restored to its original content.

6. A valid form should be submitted to an IIS server hosting the supplied response page,

a. To follow the practices of good web programming any and all client-side validation should be
done before the form is actually submitted to the testRequest.asp page
b. Use the GET method in the Form element. You will receive a response that the data was
c. As well, you can try the POST method to see what (if any) the differences are from your end.

7. The question labels and field value elements within your form must be aligned and presented in a
professional manner. Spend some time ensuring that the web-form is designed in what would be
considered an industry acceptable layout.

a. There is no need to include or learn any styles (CSS or embedded) at this point
b. You should be just ensuring that the questions within your form are structured and orderly
8. It is also expected that your HTML code and JavaScript code will be commented.

Hand in:

1. The final HTML page
2. Make sure you comment appropriately (HTML header comment, JavaScript function comment blocks
as well as inline comments)
3. Make sure that your SET Registration application runs properly and consistently within the Internet
Explorer and Chrome browsers
4. When submitting your HTML to the drop-box, please ZIP it up first