EECE 311 Laboratory Project #5 solution


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Modeling and Analyzing RLC Circuit with Pspice
1. Objective
The objectives of this laboratory exercise are to learn and gain experience in
analyzing and simulating the behavior of first order RC or RL circuits and second
order RLC circuit under transient conditions using Pspice.
2. Laboratory Procedure
Generate a PSPICE input file for the circuit shown as follows to find the capacitor
voltage vc from 0 to 20 ms with a time increment of 5 µs. The voltage-controlled
switch S1 is closed to position a at t=0 and then moved instantaneously to position
b at t=10 ms. Assume that the model parameters of the switch are RON=0.01,
ROFF=10E+5, VON=0.1v, and VOFF=0v.
3. Pspice Transient Analysis
1. Use the netlist.
2. (optional) Construct the circuits using the Draw, Get New Parts, and Edit Attribute
commands in the same manner as when doing a steady state DC circuit analysis.
Select Transient under Analysis Setup. Click on the Transient button to select both
the transient period ending time and data point time intervals to achieve the desired
graph appearance. Simulate with the probe and order the desired trace variables with
multiple Y-axis setting.