ECE3270 Lab 2: OpenCL Libraries solution




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Homework Overview: The purpose of this homework is to ensure each student can successfully use OpenCL and
familiarize themselves with the concept of Libraries for OpenCL.
Part I
You are to design a 16-bit ripple carry adder in VHDL. You will design the Full Adder as a behavioral circuit and
then use this as a component to generate the Ripple Carry Adder. A 4-bit example is shown in Part d) of the figure
below. Using a generate statement will make the process much easier, and a generic will allow you to test a smaller
design for verification before building the full 16-bit adder.
After designing this circuit, write a testbench to verify functionality. You will submit this testbench with your code.
Part II
Create a new entity and instantiate a component of your Ripple Adder within it. Include all signals necessary for
OpenCL Libraries and set them as required. Follow the OpenCL compilation and Usage Instructions guide to run
and test your circuit. OpenCL will send the data to your adder and save all the results. It will then give you human
readable output for each test input. View the README.txt in the tarball for sample output and verify this matches
your program execution.
You will be required to write a full report using the LaTeX template. Include images showing signals updating
correctly using the testbench. Submit all of your *.vhd and *.vht files to the assign server as assignment 2.