CSE6331 Getting Started With Cloud Programming Starting Simple Assignment 1 solution


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Getting Started

• Using a “public” cloud service provider
• There are many, the big ones used in this class:
• AWS (Amazon Web Services)
• Google Cloud
• Azure (Microsoft Cloud)
• IBM Cloud (BlueMix)

Getting Started

• Using a “public” cloud service provider
• Why “public” cloud service?
• (Don’t want this to be a distributed computing class. Available.
Useful skills. Many services.)
• Why these?
• (Biggest, oldest, most services. Free. Different Approaches.)

Getting Started

• Using a “public” cloud service provider
• Caution:
• The service you get for free is limited! More than enough for this
class, but not “infinite”.
• Be very, very careful with your credentials!

First Assignment

• Part 1:
• Need to start with a public cloud service provider
• IBM cloud (https://www.ibm.com/cloud/) is free, and gives you lots
of service for free.
• Sign Up.
First Assignment

• Part 2:
Task: You are will create a cloud-based picture and associated information
storage and retrieval system with a (local) web interface (UI)

One of the most common uses of “Clouds”, is shared or backup storage.
SaaS, with a friendly interface.
Your assignment is to provide a local interface to a cloud service
that you will implement that will allow a user to upload a
meta-information table “people.csv”, a .csv (text) table followed by
several individual pictures. Then the user may do queries that select
some (or none) pictures, specified in the people table.

First Assignment
• Part 2:
Name Salary Room Telnum Picture Keywords
Chris 100000 550 1000010 chris.jpg Chris is very smart
Jason 99099 420 jason.jpg Jason also smart
Someone 42000 1000011 someone.jpg Who is this
Dave 1 525 -0 Doesn’t seem too nice

First Assignment
• Part 2:
Which will look like (in the “people.csv”):
Chris,100000,550,1000010,chris.jpg, Chris is very smart
Jason,99099,420,,jason.jpg,Jason is too

First Assignment
• Part 2:
And your cloud-based “service” will allow a user to:
+ Search for Chris (Name) and show his picture on a web page.
+ Search for (display) all pictures where the salary is less than 99000.
+ Add a picture for Dave
+ Remove Dave
+ Change Jason’s keywords to “Not so nice anymore” + Change Someone’s salary
And similar…

First Assignment
• Part 2:
You may use any reasonable (non-hardcoded) implementation of the people table:
Hashes, a SQL (or non-) table, or even a dictionary or array.

Pictures are binary entities stored on the cloud provider storage, in any manner
you wish (files, DB tables, hashes, etc.).

You should handle conditions such as: missing data (fields, attributes), unavailable
pictures, attempts to upload the same named picture twice, pictures that are of
incorrect type (“dave.txt”), and similar.
• End