CSE 6331 Programming Assignment 4 Data Visualization solution


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Cloud Assignment 4 – Amazon AWS –or- MicroSoft Azure


It is difficult to find meaning in large volumes of “textual” output, most users
prefer pictures: graphs, pie charts, etc.

Various mechanisms for visualizing data within a browser, which are “light weight”
and require no plugins, or additional (local) downloads support showing results
which are easy to read and understand.

(Free) supporting tools and libraries include:
d3js.org — recommended, widely used, easy to use
InfoVis: philogb.github.io/jit/demos.html

www.highcharts.com (HTML5)

Your assignment is to visualize and display the results from your previous assignment
within a browser, allow a user to select intervals or attributes in a data set, show
results as a pie chart, a histogram, or a scatter or point chart (possibly connected:
a line).

Using those SQL tables to do queries, rather than display the results as text,
display as an image (a picture).

Users of this service will interact with your service through web page
interfaces, all processing and web service hosting is (of course) cloud based.

Additional Details:

A user should be able to do a query through a web interface, and see the results
in a browser. This should require no “local” install (in other words, local installs
such as Tableau are really nice, but cost money, don’t run on a phone, and are
otherwise limiting.) Creating a static image on a server (service) and sending that
image (such as a JPG or (most) PDF) have either similar problems or are not very

Producing (creating) JavaScript is more flexible, robust, and has many other
Sample queries might be:
From the quake dataset, show the number of quakes for magnitude below 1, 1 to 2,
2 to 3, up to magnitude 5. Show a Pie Chart with each pie slice in a different color,
with labels (totals) outside each pie slice.

Perhaps a bar chart (horizontal bars or vertical bars) is easier to understand.
Perhaps putting the totals inside each pie slice (or bar) is better.
What would a graph of magnitude against depth for the 100 recent quakes look like?
(point chart or scatter chart)

Please, submit through Canvas.
All work must be your own, or from a group.
(Same as previous assignments)