CSE383 HW #10 Ajax solution


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Objective: The objective of this exercise is to:
1. Continue working with Ajax
2. Understand external web API documentation
3. Write web clients using JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax
Submit: screenshots, your word document, html files and links to your web page(s)
You may discuss the concepts with your fellow students
You may not show or share code with your fellow students
You may not show or share code with internet sources
You may discuss this with your instructor or TA.
Part #1: Create GitLab project
Estimated time: 10 minutes
 Gitlab
o Make a new hw10 directory in your cse383 projects directory.
Part #2: Complete the Lab (if not already)
Estimated time: 1 hour
Use your completed lab as a starting point (copy it into the hw10 directory)
and update the file info.js that will make appropriate ajax calls to the rest api
and update the display.
Note: if your lab worked totally – then copy it and no other work is required
for this section
 Add JavaScript/jQuery/ajax code so that the remaining (Process and
network usage) boxes are updated with the appropriate information.
o On the left is a process list.
o In the middle is a box listing data from the load function.
o On the right is a box listing current network usage in bytes per
 Add code to update the time.
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CSE383 HW #10 Ajax
 When the ajax call fails, record the event in the log, newest event at
the top.
o note: 10% of the time the calls will fail so that you have
something to log
Part #3: Calculator
Estimated time: 1-2 hours
Create a good-looking bootstrap form with two fields for number (floating point) entry
and four buttons (+ – / *).
When the operator button is pressed, call the ajax api to do the math and display the
This is an example for the Add operation. Notice the word Add right before the ? and
then the values of n1 and n2.
Operations: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
Attach screen shots showing multiple calls with the correct answer, and one showing
you handled the return of an invalid call (divide by zero)
i. Process
1. Call cloud math server
2. Base url https://api.clearllc.com/api/v2/math/
3. Commands (case insensitive)
a. Add
b. Subtract
c. Multiply
d. Divide
4. Arguments (case insensitive)
a. N1
b. N2
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CSE383 HW #10 Ajax
c. Required api_key
5. Example Call (note this is only one line, it wrapped in word)
6. Returns
a. Result (if good)
b. Error (if bad request)
{“error”:{“code”:400,”context”:null,”message”:”Invalid or missing
resource name.”,”status_code”:400}}
c. Math Error (divide by zero for example)
{“error”:{“code”:400,”context”:null,”message”:”Divide by zero
Part #4: Write New Word Document
Estimated time: 15 minutes
 Always make sure it includes your name, class, assignment etc.
 Explain in complete sentences (relating to this assignment):
o what worked
o what didn’t
o how long it took
o What you liked
o What you didn’t
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CSE383 HW #10 Ajax
 Word Document
 Screenshots inside word document
o Attach a screenshot showing GitLab with changes submitted
o Attach a screenshot of your fully functional lab web page (including output)
o Attach screenshots showing all four math operations
 Files
o Attach the html, optional CSS, and JavaScript files
 Paste the URL of your pages into the submission as a comment
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