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Part #1: Create GitLab project
Estimated time: 10 minutes
 Prep for gitlab
o Ec2 as user ec2-user:
 mkdir ~/.ssh
o on ceclinux:
 Copy your ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 into ec2 at the same location (use scp)
 scp ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 ec2-user@ip:.ssh
o Ec2:
 chmod 700 ~/.ssh
 chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
 Gitlab
o Create your final project in /var/www/html
o Clone it into your cse383_projects in git
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CSE383 HW Final Project
Part #2: Client Front End
Estimated time: 2-3 hours
The first part will be a multi-page/multi-tab web client using html, JavaScript, bootstrap
and CSS. You must make a good looking, pretty, responsive, web page(s) using
bootstrap for formatting and your own CSS to make it look great. The page must
degrade nicely which I will verify by shrinking it from a large desktop so that it fits down
to phone size. Degrading means it must change, for example from 3 columns down to 1.
Note: Everything you write must use the following (from the exam)
 Concepts
o Html
o JavaScript
o Bootstrap (must be responsive)
o jQuery
o Ajax
 Style
o Good looking using CSS
o All CSS, ajax, JavaScript must be external files
o Every page (including the menu) must include pictures that integrate well
into the web page
 Location
o All code MUST be working on your ec2 instance http server, using your
dynamic dns
o All code must be in git
 Ajax
o You are to write all code using the jQuery Ajax routines as done in the
lecture, labs, and homework. Some examples you see will use other
methods, notably the fetch command. You may use those as an
example, but you MUST use the $.ajax call for credit.
The menu must provide the following items.
 Menu of pages you are providing (with a mechanism to switch pages) You are to
research and decide on your own mechanism to provide the front-end menu of pages.
o This was not covered in class. However, you have already seen web sites for
research which included them.
 Pages
o Landing page (default page)
 Your information (name, class, assignment etc…)
o Directions
o Directions History and search
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CSE383 HW Final Project
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CSE383 HW Final Project
Part #3: Mapping Directions (using mapquest)
Estimated time: 3-10 hours
 Use the mapquest api you created previously
 Make a good-looking, responsive, page which lets the user enter a from and to address
(see: https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/common/forming-locations/ for
details on what can be entered)
 Call the mapquest directions api
o Display all returned maneuvers with narratives, distance, time and thumbnail of
the map image (mapURL)
 Call the elevation chart api
o Display one elevation chart using the two addresses as 400×300 elevation chart
 https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/open/elevation-api/
 Store all information about the request (and response(s)) using the php rest server
from lab13
o Store your own JavaScript object by creating the json version of the object and
storing that in the value field
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CSE383 HW Final Project
Part #4: Request History
Estimated time: 2-6 hours
Provide a page where the user can enter a date and max number of lines and then receive a list
of all directions requests made on that date in a nicely formatted output (table), showing all
available data, with not more than the requested number of lines.
 You will be calling the updated rest interface on your ec2 instance using ajax
 https://uniqueID.aws.csi.miamioh.edu/final.php
o Method:getLookup
o Date:yyyy-mm-dd
 You must show the correct number of returned results (based on the input page)
 For each returned request, use the json object you sent in part 3 to show the following:
o Date
o Time
o From
o To
o Number of maneuvers
 The user should be able to click on one of the lines (make something selectable or add a
o This should then display the same information as in part 4, but using the data
from your json object
 Do not call mapquest again. You must have all of the data in the json
object you stored in part 3. If not, update part 3 to store new data.
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CSE383 HW Final Project
Part #5: Write Word Document
Estimated time: 45 minutes
 Always make sure it includes your name, class, assignment etc…
 Explain (relating to this assignment and the entire course):
 This must be in full paragraphs with full sentences for full credit.
o what worked
o what didn’t
o how long it took
o What you liked
o What you didn’t
 Word Document
 Mandatory Presentation of working system in zoom session
 Upload all code
 Git all code
 Paste the URL of your menu page into the submission as a comment
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