CSCI 470/680 Assignment 2 solution


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For this assignment, you will re-implement the Airline Ticket Redeemer from Assignment 1 as a Java
GUI application with Swing components.
The Destination class should remain the same as in Assignment 1. This reusability is one of the
advantages of encapsulation.
In addition, the MilesRedeemer class from Assignment 1 can be reused as well. Many methods
of MilesRedeemer can be invoked directly, such as readDestinations() and the method that
contains the redemption algorithm. Of course, the application will need to supply new code for
obtaining the input and displaying the output.
Two JPanel objects are used in the application shown above (They have further nested JPanel
objects for layout purposes). Each JPanel should have a background color set. Recall
the Color constructor:
Color(int r, int g, int b)
where the arguments are in the range 0…255 and higher numbers are lighter colors. Use colors that
are not too intense, and be sure that the text is legible. You can learn how to add a Titled Border, etc.
using the Java Tutorials here.
The left (LINE_START) panel contains a JList so that the user can go back and forth to look at the
information for different tickets to different cities. The array of strings returned by the
MilesRedeemer method getCityNames() can be used to populate the JList. When a city in
the JList is selected, its details (i.e., the members of its corresponding Destination object)
should be displayed in the corresponding JTextField objects. These JTextField objects should
not be editable. To listen for this event, the applet needs to implement the interface
javax.swing.event.ListSelectionListener, and provide the method
public void valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent e)
Add a method to your MilesRedeemer class to return the corresponding Destination object for a
given city name, e.g.:
public Destination findDestination(String cityName)
The right (CENTER) panel takes in the accumulated miles using a JTextField and a JSpinner.
After the “Redeem Tickets” button is clicked, it outputs ticket details in a JTextArea, and the
remaining miles in a JTextField. The components for output are not editable.
How to Populate the Months for the JSpinner
The spinner’s month Strings can be obtained using the following code. (Some logic is included to
remove an extra, empty value.)
private String[] getMonthStrings() {
String[] months = new java.text.DateFormatSymbols().getMonths();
int lastIndex = months.length – 1;
if (months[lastIndex] == null || months[lastIndex].length() <= 0) { //last item empty String[] monthStrings = new String[lastIndex]; System.arraycopy(months, 0, monthStrings, 0, lastIndex); return monthStrings; } else { //last item not empty return months; } } Other Hints Any error messages or messages printed as a result of caught exceptions should be printed on the Java console. How to Submit the Assignment Submission of the source code files should be done via Blackboard as in Assignment1.