CSCI 467-1 Assignment #1 Requirements Analysis solution


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The main purpose of this assignment is to analyze and categorize business requirements for the
Global Entertainment Management (GEM) System, posted under the “Case Studies” folder on
Blackboard. You should read and re-read the case study carefully and avoid any scope creeps.
Use Microsoft Word or any document editor (that you can export to a .pdf file) to type your
answers (single spacing.) Name your file using this format: [Course-Assignment #]-[your first
initial and last name].doc
Example: CSCI467-A1-RMarshall.doc
Indicate “CSCI467” for the course name and ”A1” for Assignment #1.
“RMarshall” in the above example is the first initial of the student’s first name, followed by
his/her last name.
Also, please include the following information in your assignment file:
• Your first name and last name
• Your student id
• Course number
• Assignment number
• Due date and time of the assignment
Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
Review the Global Entertainment Management (GEM) System case study carefully. Identify as
many functional requirements as you can and write each statement using the template shown on
the following page. Also, identify a minimum of three non-functional requirements.
a. Write the complete functional requirements for the GEM system. For example, the
functional requirement statement, “The XYZ system allows an accounts payable clerk to
add a new vendor.” represents a complete functional requirement statement because it
contains three important components: the system name, the actor and what the actor can
b. Identify a minimum of three non-functional requirements as discussed during lectures for
the GEM system
CSCI 467-1 Assignment #1 Fall 2018
Requirements Analysis (80 Points)
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Use the following table as a template for your requirements analysis.
Functional Requirements
Req. # Complete Statements
Nice to Have
Must Have or
Nice to Have
FR1 Function requirement statement #1 Must Have
. . .
. . .
Non-Functional Requirement
NF1 Non-Functional requirement statement #1 Must have
. . .
Submit for Grading:
1. Log onto Blackboard and locate “Assignment #1” listed under the Assignments folder. Follow
the link to submit your assignment solution.
2. Attach and submit the .pdf version of your assignment by the due date and time.