CSCI 467-1 Assignment #4 solution


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For this assignment, you will design and develop INTERACTIVE PROTOTYPES for
authorized primary actors of the Global Entertainment Management (GEM) System. You
may use MS Access, PHP/MySQL (on the cs.niu web server), or an instructor-approved tool
to complete this assignment.
Part 1. Input Screen Designs and Prototypes (40 each; 160 points total)
Develop interactive prototypes for all four of the input screens based on your low-fidelity
prototypes that you completed in assignment #3.
Part 2. Report Designs (50 points each; 100 points total)
Develop interactive prototypes for the associated primary actors.
1. Generate Event Status Report (for screen)
2. Produce Event Status Report (for screen and file to be saved and printed)
What to Submit: By the due date and time, each student (including students working in a
group) must submit the following for grading.
Item #1. Submit a printed copy of each screen and output of your prototypes at the
beginning of class on the due date. If you work in a group, submit one printed
copy with both team member names clearly printed.
Item #2. Submit a file copy of Item #1 AND one of the following on Blackboard:
§ If you are using PHP/MySQL), submit a file containing the full URL to
your prototypes (for PHP/MySQL). If you use passwords, indicate the
passwords required to test your work.
§ If you use MS Access, submit the “.accdb” file (for MS Access),
including any password required to test your work.