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Original Work ?
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Write a C program for a grade calculation to run on ocelot.

The source file should have your name & PantherID included in it and it should have an affirmation of
originality stating something like: “I affirm that I wrote this program myself without any help form any
other people or sources from the internet.”.

Code should be nicely indented using a consistent style and commented appropriately.

An array should be used for each student, but it is not required as long as all values are in variables.

• Course is an array of characters.
• Credits is an integer.
• Grade is a floating point number.
• Grade Points earned should be calculated as you print not stored in a variable.

There should be at least 6 courses listed.

There is no user input, all values should be hard coded in the program

Columns should be aligned as shown in the sample below.

• Course column left justified.
• Credits centered
• Grade right justified
• Grade Points Earned right justified

The grade points earned should be calculated in a formula with multiplication right while printing it out.
It should not be stored as a variable.

Create a simple Makefile to compile your program into an executable called gpa.

You should submit the source code and your Makefile file compressed into a zip file named The Makefile should be called Makefile with no extension. I should be able to
type make at the command line to compile your program. Do not include any other files or folders in the
zipfile. This applies even if you are a Mac user.

Programs that do not compile and do something useful when run will not earn any credit at all.

Sample Output:

Student Name: YourFirstName YourLastName
Panther ID:
Course Credits Grade Grade Points Earned
COP2210 3 4.00 12.00
ENC1101 3 2.67 8.01
CGS3095 3 3.00 9.00
Total 9 29.01
Current GPA: 3.22