COP4338 Lab 2 solution


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Write a C program that runs on ocelot for a mini calculator using only the command line options. You
must use getopt to parse the command line. The calculator will only do addition, multiplication and a
power of 2.

Usage: minicalc [-a num] [-m num] [-x] value
• The variable value is the starting value.
• Value should be validated to be an integer between 1 and 50 inclusive. Error message and usage
shown if not.

• For the -m option num should be a positive integer between 1 and 10 inclusive.
• For the -a option num should be a positive integer between 1 and 500 inclusive.
• -a adds num to value.
• -m multiplies value by num.
• -x squares value. (Note: no num is needed.)

• Output should have exactly 2 decimal places no matter what the starting values are.
• If -x is included, it is executed first. If -m is included it would be next. The -a would be executed
• There will be at most one of each option, if there are more than one you can use either of the
options in the calculation.
• There should be no user input while the program is running. It runs in full from the command

The source file should have your name & PantherID included in it as well as a program description and it
should have the affirmation of originality from lab 1.

Code should be nicely indented and commented.

Create a simple Makefile to compile your program into an executable called minicalc.

You should submit the source code and your Makefile compressed into a zip file named

The source file name should be named as desired as long as the Makefile
works. The Makefile should be called Makefile with no extension. I should be able to type make at the
command line to compile your program. Do not include any other files or folders in the zipfile. This
applies even if you are a Mac user.

If the program does not compile and do something useful when it runs it will not earn any credit.