CMIS 102 Hands-On Lab Week 6 solution


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This hands-on lab allows you to follow and experiment with the critical steps of developing a program
including the program description, analysis, test plan, design and implementation with C code. The
example provided uses sequential, repetition statements and nested repetition statements.
Program Description
This program will calculate the average of 3 exams for 5 students. The program will ask the user to enter
5 student names. For each of the students, the program will ask for 3 exam scores. The average exam
score for each student will be calculated and printed.
I will use sequential and repetition programming statements.
I will define one String to store the student name: StudentName.
I will define three Float variabless: Examvalue, Sum, Avg to store exam values, the sum of the exams,
and the average of the exams.
The sum will be calculated by this formula:
Sum = Sum + Examvalue
For example, if the first value entered was 80.0 and second was 90.0 and the third exam was 100.0:
sum = sum + Examvalue = 0.0 + 80.0
sum = 80.0 + 90.0 = 170.0
sum = 170.0 + 100.0 = 270.0
Avg is then calculated as:
Avg = sum/3.0
For example 270.0/3.0 = 90.0
A nested repetition loop can be used to loop through each of the 5 students and each of the 3 exams:
For (students=0; students <5; students++) For (exams=0;exams<3;exams++) End For End For Sum values will need to be reset for each student to ensure only one student’s data is used for calculations each time. Test Plan To verify this program is working properly the input values could be used for testing: Test Case Input Expected Output 1 Studentname=Chris Examvalue1=80.0 Examvalue2=90.0 Examvalue3=100.0 Studentname=John Examvalue1=70.0 Examvalue2=90.0 Examvalue3=80.0 Studentname=Sally Examvalue1=100.0 Examvalue2=100.0 Examvalue3=100.0 Studentname=Pat Examvalue1=50.0 Eexamvalue2=70.0 Examvalue3=60.0 Studentname=Sam Examvalue1=90.0 Examvalue2=95.0 Examvalue3=100.0 Average for Chris is 90.0 Average for John is 80.0 Average for Sally is 100.0 Average for Pat is 60.0 Average for Sam is 95.0 Pseudocode // This program will calculate the average of 3 exams for 5 students // Declare variables Declare StudentName as String Declare ExamValue, Sum, Avg as Float // Loop through 5 Students For (students=0; students <5; students++) // reset Sum to 0 Set Sum =0.0 Print “Enter Student Name” Input StudentName // Nested Loop for Exams For (exams=0; exams < 3; exams++) Print “Enter exam grade: \n” Input ExamValue Set Sum = Sum + ExamValue End For Set Avg = Sum/3.0 Print “Average for “ + StudentName + “ is “ + Avg End For C Code The following is the C Code that will compile in execute in the online compilers. // C code // This program will calculate the average of 3 exams for 5 students. // Developer: ENTE YOUR NAME // Date: ENTER DATE PROGRAM FINISHED #include