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1. make a hw8 folder. This folder should contain all files for this assignment.

2. Make an html file and save it to your folder.

3. Insert a Bootstrap component into an html page. You make this one of two ways:

a. in Dreamweaver (InsertBootstrap Component – if you are in Design view, you will be prompted to switch to Live View and then repeat InsertBootstrap Component)

b. Copy the basic template code from into your html page. Then copy the Bootstrap component code (for whichover component you choose) from into your web page.

4. Bootstrap 4 changes – “Dropped panels, thumbnails, and wells for a new all-emcompassing component, cards. … Dropped the pager component” (from )- Since these components are dropped in Bootstrap 4, why learn how to use them now? Pick another component instead.

5. The html page can reference Bootstrap and jQuery files on a CDN (content delivery network, e.g. those referenced at ) or files within the folder (created by Dreamweaver or files you have downloaded from and

6. View the page in Chrome and right-click and choose InspectConsole to make sure you aren’t getting any errors.

7. If your component requires multiple pages to indicate that it is functioning properly (e.g. if you choose a navbar), create these multiple pages.

8. When the html page is viewed in the browser, it should indicate the following:

a. the name of the component and any option you have chosen

b. Briefly describe how the component functions. This can be a non-technical explanation, for example, “it changes color when one cursors over the component and changes back to the original color when the cursor is off the component”

c. Whether the Bootstrap and jQuery files are being accessed on a CDN or they are in the hw8 folder.