Assignment 2: Word, HTML, XML Schema Definitions and XML Documents solution


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Project 1: Create a one page Word document Using Word create a one page document. The Sample document (sample.pdf) provided with the assignment outlines all of the requirements for the one page document. Complete the Word document containing all of the required elements as specified and save the file with your UWO user name (computer account name): youraccountname.docx (Word 2010/2007) or youraccountname.doc (Word 2003). For example: jdoe3.docx
Project 2: Create a Website using HTML Using a text editor (example: Notepad), create a web site that contains two web pages (.html files) by typing in the HTML tags (as shown in the lecture notes) and web page content yourself.
The web site should appropriately describe your favorite movie. To describe the movie you should include the title, year of release and major stars. You should also include a brief description of the plot of the movie. You any include any other details you find interesting about this movie. The movie does not have to be a current release. The second page could contain the list of the stars and / or it could list reviews of the movie and / or it could contain a list of similar movies (‘if you liked this one …”). All images and quotes should have at least an indication of the source.
It must have the following features: – 2 pages, with the first page providing a link to the second page – the second page providing a link back to a specific bookmarked location on the first page. – a title in the title bar of the browser that includes your initials and the name of the movie – one heading tag – one piece of text that is bolded – one piece of text that is either underlined or in italics – one horizontal line – one list (either bullet or ordered) – one link to a related webpage in the world wide web (not your second page) – one table that has at least two columns and two rows – one image **
NOTE: If you use your own image (.jpg or .gif file), the image file must be stored and referred to in the same folder/directory as your .html files. Alternatively you can reference an image on the web rather than your own image.
For this assignment each of the two web pages does not have to contain all of the above features, but between the two pages all of the above features must be demonstrated.
Save your files with your UWO user name, making sure you use all lower case letters: youraccountname_webpage1.html and youraccountname_webpage2.html
Project 3: Publish a Web Page
Go to the web site to get step by step instructions for posting a web page at Western. Complete the instructions provided at this site.
Upload the following files to that site: – youraccountname_webpage1.html – youraccountname_webpage2.html – any graphic image that needs to be included
Go the following site: and ensure that your pages are published, the links work for all pages and that all the graphics display properly.
Project 4: Create an XML Schema Definition
Using a text editor (example: Notepad) create an XML Schema Definition (an .xsd file) for a document that will store specific course information as shown in the 2013/2014 Fall/Winter Academic Timetable.
The data is published in the Undergraduate Fall/Winter Academic Timetable 2014/2015 ( Individual course timetable information can be found by selecting the subject and then submitting the form. Base the XML schema definition on the second year (course numbers starting with a 2) courses listed for Actuarial Sciences and for Biochemistry. Documents based on this schema definition must store the course information for any of the second year courses listed in either of these subjects.
The schema document needs to be designed to store the following information for each course:
• Subject • Course Name • Section • Component • Course Number • Days taught (M, Tu, W, T, F) • Start Time • End Time • Building and Room Number • Instructor(s) • Notes • Status
Your schema definition must be a text file saved and submitted as an XML Schema Definition file (an .xsd file). The file name must be youraccountname.xsd For example: jdoe3.xsd
Project 5: Create an XML Document
Using a text editor (example: Notepad), create an XML document (an .xml file) based on the Schema Definition from Project 4. The XML document must contain the information for the second year courses (course numbers starting with a 2) listed for Actuarial Sciences and for Biochemistry as shown in the 2014/2015 Fall/Winter Academic Timetable.
This document MUST be validated by the schema in Project 4 by including the following line in your XML document: