PROG2000 Assign-04 : Hi-Lo (Revisited) – with Server-Side Technology solution


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This is an individual assignment. In this assignment, you will revisit your original Hi-Lo game (A-01) but this
time, you will implement the game using a server side technology. You will implement the game using ASP.


• To practice using server side technologies
• To practice more web-form design techniques as well as client-side and server-side validation


1. The user should have the exact same game experience as in A-01.

2. Only input-level validation is to be done on the client-side using JavaScript – the logic for the game play
is being moved to the server-side

• The range-check logic (i.e. user enters guess and the game checks if it is correct, too low or too
high) is actually part of the game play and now belongs in the domain validation (on the serverside)

• The grey-area of validation that could be included on the client-side is the validation that a
number has been input (as opposed to a letter, etc.). As discussed previously, this could also be
argued that it should be done in the domain on the server … the choice is yours.

3. In this assignment, it is expected that you use a

element as well as other UI components for
prompting the user and the gathering for information4. It is also expected by this point in the course that you can use and apply style to your solution through
CSS.5. The “game engine” logic must be executed on the server side.

6. Make sure you comment appropriately (HTML header comment, JavaScript function comment blocks
as well as inline comments – also don’t forget to comment your ASP server-side logic)


• There will be some challenges in this assignment
• You will already be exposed to everything you need to do this assignment, but you might find “better”
ways if you do some research
• Be sure you understand what you are doing – otherwise, stick to the simple solutions that work

Hand in:

1. ZIP up the final HTML and/or ASP page(s) and submit to the appropriate drop-box by the deadline.
2. Make sure that your Hi-Lo application runs properly and consistently within the Internet Explorer v11
and Chrome browsers