Write a program that can calculate the number of slices a pizza….solved


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Write a program that can calculate the number of slices a pizza of any size can be divided into. The program should do the following

–          Prompt the user for a diameter of the pizza

–          Calculate the number that may be taken assuming each slice has an area of 14.8 square inches

–          Display a message indicating the number of slices

–          Test your program with a pizza size of 16 inches
–          Use file names pizza.cpp and pizza.jpg (or other screen capture extensions)

Note area is calculated using PI (constant 3.14) times radius squared

PartB: Modify the program in parta to indicate the number of pizzas you would need to buy so that each person would have 4 pieces.

–          Prompt for pizza diameter

–          Prompt for number of people at the party

–          Display how many pizzas would be needed. 

–          Test your program with a party size of 30 people and 16 inch pizzas.
– Use file names pizzaPartyCalc.cpp and pizzaPartyCalc.jpg (or other screen capture extensions)

PartC: Calculate party cost.  Modify the program in part B to calculate the cost for the pizza party.  Test your program assuming the cost for a 16 inch pizza is $22.  Use the other test settings in partb

– Use file names partyCost.cpp and partyCost.jpg