Week 4 : Inheritance solution


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Question 1 – Fun with Polymorphism

Create a hierarchy of shapes with the classes Shape, Circle, Rectangle and Square. (Hint: Square is a special Rectangle whose length=breadth)

Each class has its own printDescription() method which prints its dimensions and area.

Create a ShapeManager class which instantiates the various shapes and calls for the description of each shape using the method manageShape(Shape).

void manageShape(Shape myShape) {



The constructors of the other classes are as follows:

Circle(double radius)
Rectangle(double length, double breadth)
Square(double side)

Declare the constructor of each class with a print statement.

Shape() {
System.out.println(“Default constructor of Shape”);

Shape(…) {
System.out.println(“Constructor of Shape with parameters xyz”);

Question 2 – Who Am I?

Construct the following inheritance hierarchy.

A typical way to introduce oneself is “Hello, my name is xxx and my hobby is yyy”.
(Hint: use a combination of the getName() method and the HOBBY String constant)

Arif is a CSE Student at IEM, who secretly moonlights as a hacker. Have Arif introduce himself

(1) at a get-together for student leaders of various colleges in Salt Lake

(2) at a closed-door Hacker Society meeting

(3) at his cousin’s birthday party where he meets a beautiful girl who is a Tagore fan.

(Hint: Instantiate Arif as a CSEStudent, then use a switch case for his different behaviour e.g. choice #2 implies Arif is at the Hacker Society Meeting.)
(Hint: Use the super keyword; you may also introduce additional methods)