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So far, you have learned about design and how to create a simple Java application using an IDE. Now, you are going to gain some experience writing an object-oriented program with classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism. These terms sound complex, but you will find they are not difficult to use. You will be drawing on all the information you have gained, and this project will require some time, so start early, and pay attention to instructions.

For this project, you will write a Java program that allows the user to select an animal from a menu and then display information about the animal.

Create a new project in your IDE named “AnimalInfo.”
Create a class called “AnimalInfo” as the main class for the program.
Create a class called “Animal” with a virtual method displayInfo().
Create 3 classes inherited from Animal (one for each of your animals). Each of the inherited classes should override Animal.displayInfo() to display information about the animal. The information should just be a short description of the animal displayed to the screen.
In the AnimalInfo.main() method, display a menu allowing the user to choose 1 of 3 animals or quit the program. The menu should accept input from the user and take the appropriate action and then repeat until the user selects the option to quit. Hint: Simple menus are easiest to implement if the user selects a letter or number for each menu item.
When the user selects an animal, use the displayInfo() method of the appropriate class to display information about the selected animal.
Use comments throughout your code demonstrating your understanding of each statement of code.
Make sure the program runs correctly before submission.