Project9 CECS277 solution




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Problem Description:
Implement a to do list. Tasks have a priority between 1 and 9, and a description.
When the user enters the command add priority description, the program adds a new
task. When the user enters next, the program removes and prints the most urgent
task. The quit command quits the program.
Use a priority queue in your solution.
Sample Output:
To Do List – Please enter an option
add priority description (add a new task)
next (remove and print most urgent task)
quit (exit this program)
> add 3 description of new task
> add 4 even newer task
> add 2 least important task
> next
least important task
> next
description of new task
> next
even newer task
> quit
Press any key to continue . . .
Here is a tester for assignment. It is not complete. You will need to make tests for the equals and
hashcode methods to prove that they work.