Project 06 CPSC-236 solved




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Recreate a classic arcade game in MonoGame while applying your own “twist”.


Starting a premade MonoGame Windows Project in Visual Studio, you will choose a classic arcade game and recreate it in MonoGame. Students are allowed to use tutorials or sample code I’ve provided as a basis for their projects. In addition to recreating at least the core features of the classic game chosen, students must also introduce their own 1-2 features that make the game their own.

Games should include:

  • A basic menu screen (Play, Quit)
  • Spritesheets (where appropriate)
  • All of the core mechanics of the game you are modeling after

Additional features that you could add to your game include:

  • Setting up a high score (in games that didn’t previously include this in the base game)
  • Taking your high score system online
  • Additional game features or mechanics, such as double-jumping, traps, new enemy type, etc.

Some classic games include Brick Breaker, Space Invaders, and Snake. When in doubt about the game you are doing or the features you are adding, please check with the professor for clarification.


Assignment is worth 25 points. You will be graded on:

  • Start menu
  • Full core game mechanics of game modeled after
  • 1-2 features not previously in the original game
  • Art (found, created, animated – if applicable, or vector/generated)
  • Having a compile-able application within Visual Studio
  • Correctly turning in the assignment – naming convention, correct files submitted


Turn in your zipped solution folder to Blackboard. Make sure to name the zipped file firstInitialLastName_proj04. For example,