Project 01 CPSC-236-03 solution




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Create the smallest compile-able C# application.


Starting with a premade C# console application in Visual Studio, remove every element from the application code possible while still being able to successfully compile and run your code.

Keep deleting lines of code and trying to execute your application. This isn’t a “hello world” app. The application doesn’t have to do anything other than compile i.e. the console window flashes on the screen and closes.


Assignment is worth 25 points. You will be graded on:

  • Removing every extraneous piece of code from your application
  • Having a compile-able application within Visual Studio
  • Correctly turning in the assignment – naming convention, correct files submitted


Turn in your zipped solution folder to Blackboard. Make sure to name the zipped file firstInitialLastName_proj01. For example,