EGRE 245 Programming Project #3 Fewest Number solution


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1 Overview
Write a complete C program that prompts for and reads a positive float value representing
a monetary amount; you may assume the value entered is correct (legal). Echo print the
value entered rounded to 4 decimal places. Then you are to determine and report the fewest
number of each bill and coin needed to represent that amount (assume that a ten-dollar bill
is the largest size bill available). Note that you should output counts for all bills and coins;
see the sample run below for an example. Make sure you label all of your output exactly as
shown in the example run.
2 Sample Run
3 Deliverables
You should turn in a stand-alone, complete application program (your source code) containing a main function. Name your source code file proj3XXXX.c where XXXX is the last 4
digits of your student id number. For example, if your student id number is V12345678, your
file will be named Projects this term will be submitted via the web using
a link o↵ of the class web page. Be sure to document your code in the manner described in
Due date: Thursday, February 12