COMP 4270 Programming Assignment 3 (Deadlock) solution


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COMP 4270/6270: Operating Systems
By completing this programming assignment, you will be familiarized with the basic concept of deadlock,
the Banker’s algorithm for deadlock avoidance, and recovery from deadlock. For this assignment, you
are free to use ANY programming language of your choice.
In this assignment, you will write a program that simulates deadlock avoidance based on the Banker’s
algorithm and recovery from deadlock.
Task 1 [10 pts]
Review slides 25 – 30 of Chapter 7 that explain the Banker’s algorithm. Implement the Banker’s
algorithm which includes the Safety algorithm. Your program should read the system configuration
information from a data file (i.e., sys_config.txt). More specifically, this data file contains the ‘Available’
vector, ‘Max’ matrix, ‘Allocation’ matrix in the following format.
Process 0: 0 1 0
Process 1: 2 0 0
Process 2: 3 0 2
Process 3: 2 1 1
Process 4: 0 0 2
Process 0: 7 5 3
Process 1: 3 2 2
Process 2: 9 0 2
Process 3: 2 2 2
Process 4: 4 3 3
3 3 2
NOTE that the number of processes and the number of resource types specified in the data file may vary
(e.g., in the above example system config file, there are 5 processes and 3 resource types). Your
program should be able to handle arbitrary number of processes and resource types. After reading the
data file, your program should print out either ‘SAFE’ or ‘UNSAFE’ to indicate whether the system
specified in the input data file is in the safe state or not. For example,
Prog2>./a.out sys_config.txt
Task 2 [15 pts]
Your program should take a ‘Request’ vector as user input and print out either ‘GRANTED’ or ‘NOT
GRANTED’ to indicate whether the resource request can be granted or not. For example,
Prog2>./a.out sys_config.txt
Request vector: 1 0 2 <——- take user input
Request vector: 1 0 2 3 <——– continue to take another user input
Wrong input! <——– print out ‘Wrong input’ if the length of the request vector
does not match.
Request vector: 12 2 2
Task 3 [5 pts]
Implement a simple deadlock recovery mechanism. More specifically, if requested resources cannot be
granted (i.e., the output is ‘NOT GRANTED), then identify the minimum number of processes that should
be forced to be terminated such that the requested resources can be granted. For example,
Prog2>./a.out sys_config.txt
Request vector: 12 2 2
Process 0, Process 1 should be terminated to grant the requested resources. <——–
Evaluation criteria
• Your assignment will be evaluated based on the following:
Documentation 10% – your code should be easy to read and well commented. For each
function used in your program, the use of function, its parameters, and return values
should be well described.
Compilation 20% – your program should compile with no errors and/or warnings (base
Correctness 70% – To grade your work, we will run your program with some test cases.
You will get full credits for correctness if your program prints out correct output for our
input test cases.
[1] Operating Systems Concepts 9
th Edition by Silberscharz, Yale, and Gagne, Wiley