Programming Assignment 3 CSCI 235 solution


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100 points
Follow the instructions presented in the Programming Rules documents. Submit
the header and source files as well as your Makefile. Also submit the input file
you used for testing. Note that your program needs to compile in order to get any
credit at all.
Adhere to the style guidelines.
Start Early!
Algebraic Calculator
You are going to implement a simple calculator. Your calculator is going to parse
infix algebraic expressions, create the corresponding postfix expressions and
then evaluate the postfix expressions. The operators you are allowed to use are:
+, -, * and /. Your operands are integers. The input to your program is a file
infixFile that contains a sequence of infix expressions (one expression per line).
Your output is going to consist of one file: a resultFile that contains the postfix
expressions and their evaluation.
Part 1 (%60)
You need to read infix expressions from the input infixFile (one expression per
line) and produce the corresponding postfix expressions that you will save in file
resultFile. An example of an infix expression is the following:
(12 + 3) * ( 9 – 74) + 34 / ((85 – 93) +(3 + 5) * 3) – 5
You have to parse this expression from left to right, identify the operands, the
operators and the parentheses and ignore blanks. You will implement the infix to
postfix conversion algorithm using a stack of operators and parentheses. Use the
pointer-based stack implementation we used in class.
You should be able to handle syntactically wrong infix expressions using
exceptions. In this case you should output a message on the resultFile indicating
the type of error (i.e. “missing right parenthesis”).
Part 2 (%40)
Now you need to evaluate each postfix expression using the stack algorithm
described in class and place the results in the file resultFile.
Extra Credit (10 points)
Our algorithm transforms an infix to a postfix expression according to a left to
right association rule when the operators have the same precedence
(i.e. 5+4+3 becomes 5 4+3+ and not 5 4 3 + +).
The exponentiation operator though should follow a right to left association rule.
When we write 2^3^5 we mean 2^(3^5) which corresponds to the postfix
2 3 5 ^ ^. Our algorithm though provides as a result the expression 2 3^ 5^ which
corresponds to the infix expression (2^3)^5. Modify the infix to postfix algorithm
so that the exponentiation operator is right to left associative.
Coding Instructions
Create a class (not templated) named InfixToPostfixCalculator. For this class use
a header file named InfixToPostFixCalculator.h and an implementation file named
This class needs to have one no-parameter constructor and two public functions.
The first one is
string ConvertInfixToPostfix(const string &input_infix)
It reads a string holding the infix expression, calculates the postfix expression
and then returns the postfix expression as a string.
In the output expression separate the various parts using a comma (,). So for
example the string corresponding to a valid postfix expression could look like:
Note that there are no parentheses in the output postfix expression.
The other function is
double CalculatePostfix(const string &input_postfix)
It reads an input postfix expression (in the format described above), calculates
the result and returns it.
Both functions should throw exceptions when the input expressions are not of the
right form.
Add as many private functions and data members as necessary.
In the main file you will create an object of type InfixToPostfixCalculator. Then
you will read the input file line by line. Each line will be a string that you will pass
to ConvertInfixToPostfix(). You will save the result to the result file. Finally, if
ConvertInfixToPostfix() returns without an exception, you will run the
CalculatePostfix() function on the returned string. You will write the result on the
output file as well.
In conclusion you need to have the following files:
(a) The files required for the stack (StackInterface.h, LinkedStack.h,
LinkedStack.cpp) and its exceptions: PreconditionViolatedException.h,
(b) The InfixToPostfixCalculator.h and InfixToPostfixCalculator.cpp files as
well your exception files (not required if you use the same exceptions as
the stack).
(c) A main file Test.cpp that includes the InfixToPostfixCalculator.h and tests
the algorithms as described above.