Program 2  CECS 275 solution


Original Work ?


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  1. Rewrite the Scantron program so that it uses a struct called Student to hold the student ID and grade.
  2. Make a second struct called Class that contains an array of the Student struct and an integer that stores how many Student struct objects are in the array.
  3. As each student is ID is read from the file add them to a student struct in the array of student class.
  4. As the grade for each student is calculated add it to the student’s struct.
  5. Adjust the rest of the program to use the array of structs in place is single integer values.
  6. Sort the array of student structs in descending order by grade.
  7. Do not output anything until all students have been processed and sorted.


Do not use anything from the STL. Do not use any sort routine other than one you code from scratch (like the Bubble sort done in class).


Turn in the source code to the Dropbox next Tuesday.