COMP-SCI 7081 Nand2Tetris Project 01 solution


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The first Nand2Tetris project forms the basis for workshop 01. We have created a Nand2Tetris Project 01 assignment in the Web

Submission System ( so that you can attempt to complete all the gates and be
awarded up to 5 additional participation marks. The project description can be found on the Nand2Tetris website
( by clicking on the Projects link the left menu bar.

Weighting and Due Date
The best mark for any submission made before the due date will be used as participation marks for week 2.
Due date: 11:55pm Friday of week 2.
Late penalties: All late submissions receive 0 marks.
Core Body of Knowledge (CBOK) Areas: abstraction, design, hardware and software, data and information, and programming.

SVN Repository
Note: in example commands % is the shell’s prompt, it is not part of the command.
Note: this project assumes that you have already created directories for every assignment, workshop project and exam in your svn
repository, as described on the Startup Files for Workshops and Assignments
( page.

1. If required, checkout a working copy of the project01 directory from your svn repository.
2. Change directory to the working copy of the project01 directory.
3. Copy the newest zip file attached below into the updates sub-directory and add it to svn.
4. Run the following command to place the workshop’s startup files in the correct locations:
% make install

8/7/2020 Nand2Tetris Project 01: Computer Systems (2000_7081 Combined) 2/2
5. Add the .hdl files to your svn repository:
% svn add *.hdl
% svn commit -m “Project 01 Startup Files”
6. Edit the .hdl files to complete the implementation of all of the chips and commit the changes to your svn repository.

7. Goto the Web Submission System and make a submission to the Project 01 assignment.

Startup Files

The newest of the following zip file(s) must be placed in the updates sub-directory and added to svn. When make is run, the newest zip
file in the updates directory is used to update the startup files. Any files you are required to edit will not be updated but, a copy of the
latest version of those files will be placed in the sub-directory originals. (