Lab Exercise #3 – Classes solution


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1. Write a program that uses methods in a class in Java • Write a class called OurDate that consists of: o three instance variables – a month, a day and a year (each of type int). o a default constructor that initializes the three instance variable to January 1, 1901. o an initial constructor and assumes the parameter values are correct. o a displayDate method that displays the month/day/year (separated by forward slashes) • Write a test application names DateTest (with method main) that demonstrates class OurDate’s capabilities) See sample below.
Sample program output: (user input is in red, program display in blue) Initial date is 1/1/1901 Enter a month: 6 Enter a day: 3 Enter a year: 2013 Date is 6/3/2013
Another Sample program output Initial date is 1/1/1901 Enter a month: 12 Enter a day: 31 Enter a year: 2011 Date is 12/31/2011