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Java is a powerful programming language and is arguably the most popular and widely used computer language today. If you’ve seen the news lately about driverless cars, the first prototypes were actually coded in Java!
In this lab, you will practice working with a few simple Java programs. As you’ve learned in lecture, there are several important differences between Python and Java. These range from type restrictions (Java is “statically typed” while Python is “dynamically typed”), to things as simple as having to add a semicolon after each line.
Warm up Let’s get started. One of the easiest ways to learn the nuances of a new programming language is to convert a simple program from a language that you already know into the language you are trying to learn. Take comfort in the knowledge that the semantic principles are identical, regardless the language!
Consider the following Python program that determines all the perfect numbers between 1 and some upper-bound provided by the user. Recall that a perfect number is one in which the sum of all of its divisors (except for the number itself) equals itself ( e.g. 6 = 1 + 2 + 3 ). Convert this Python program to its Java equivalent. Name the Java main class PerfectNum. def main(): limit = int(input(“Enter the upper limit: “)) n=1 while n <= limit: i=1 factorsum = 0 while i