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Recall the implementation of an ADT using a singly linked list to store a collection of data discussed
in class. Most methods of the ADT that require traversing the link chain usually use a while loop.
For this lab, you are going to implement three methods that require traversing the linked chain but
you must use recursions instead of while loops.
What to do
The starter class ( is a very simple ADT for storing integers (int)
with only four public methods as follows:
• public void add(int anItem)
• public boolean contains(int anItem)
• public int getFrequencyOf(int anItem)
• public String toString()
• public int getIndexOf(int anItem)
The method add() is given. What you need to do is to implement methods contains(), getFrequencyOf(),
toString(), getIndexOf() using recursions. You are allowed to create helper methods if you need
to. For example, the method contains() may call another recursive method, etc.
The meaning of methods contains() and getFrequencyOf() are pretty much straightforward.
For the method toString(), it should return a String in the following form:
• Begins with the open square bracket ([)
• Ends with the closed square bracket (])
• Use comma to separate between two items (,)
• No spaces are allowed.
For example, suppose the class RecursionLinkedList contains 1,2,3,4,5 from the first node to the
last node, your method toString() should return the string “[1,2,3,4,5]”. For the method
getIndexOf(), assume that the first entry is at index 0 and return the index of the first occurrence
of anItem.
CS/COE 0445 — Data Structure Page 1
Lab 4: Recursion Linked List
Test Class
A test class ( is provided. Simply compile and run this test class. This
program will test your and show your total points (out of 10). If you
do not get the full 10 points, you should keep trying to fix your code until you get 10 points. Note
that this test class in not perfect. It cannot tell you why your program is incorrect. You may have
to look at the source code of and see why it says FAIL and trace your
Due Date and Submission
For the due date, please check the lab in the CourseWeb. Submit your
to the CourseWeb under this lab by the due date. No late submission will be accepted.