ECE 8410 Lab 3: Essential Matrix and Epipolar Lines solution




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Prelab work:
• Read Lecture 10.
• Get the camera parameters from Lab 2 (focal length, Cx, Cy, …).
• Familiarize yourself with SVD function in MATLAB
A. Calculate the essential matrix:
1. Calculate H_c2_c1 from the known H_m_c1 and H_m_c2.
2. From that extract R_c2_c1 and Pc2org_c1.
3. Calculate E from Pc2org_c1 and R_c2_c1 using the skew symmetric matrix technique. It should
be something like this:
B. Draw epipolar lines:
Compute el=E*p2 where el=[a,b,c] and the equation of the line is ax+by+c=0
C. Use 8-point algorithm to compute E
Note that the calculated E is correct up to a scale. It should be something like this:
Submission: You need to submit:
1. A report including results (pdf or word),
2. The MATLAB code,
to the D2L DropBox folder by the deadline of this assignment.