Lab #2 PizzaMenu Class solution


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In today’s lab we will create the following GUI
1. Start with the linked PizzaMenu Class (
Read through the comments and compile the code
Notice the purpose of the Layout, the Jpanel, and Button Group What happens if you remove the button group (lines 18-21?) try it!
Using what you have learned, Create the Toppings Panel i. JPanel to hold 6 JCheckBox components hint: toppingPanel.add(new JCheckBox(“Peperoni”)); ii. GridLayout iii. Add a border and border title to the panel b. Create the Button Panel to hold two buttons (Continue and Exit) hiint: JButton conButton = new JButton(“Continue”); c. Add the Size Panel to the West, and the Toppings Panel to the Center and the Button Panel to the South of the frame.