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Java program that adds up the prices of food a customer buys at checkout. For inputs statements  the user will have 1-8.  For the menu there has to be a least one switch case statement in it, also a sentinel loop and prompt the user for the product number for each item in the inventory to add to the bill and for every time the user enters a number it need to add the amount to the bill and also print a message for the user. When finished the program needs to print a bill for the user.  With the sentinel loop values before the loop body, 5,6 and 7 should be in a default case.

the inventory includes.

1. Mayo 3.00

2. Soda Pack 4.50

3. Bread 2.50

4. Pasta 2.00

5,6, and 7 are emptykeys. Display nothing was added.

8. Exit