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ITSD322Object Oriented Application DevelopmentWeek 2

The first step in writing a software application is to determine the requirements.There is no value in writing a program that does not address the needs of theclient. Requirements can be gathered in many ways, but ultimately, therequirements serve to document what the application should and should not do.After the requirements are written, the application design can be prepared,followed by the actual coding. For this project, you will gain some practice in thedesign phase of software development by designing a program that will meet agiven set of requirements.Develop a console program that simulates a section of a restaurant menu. Eachitem will have a different price and your program should define at least ten (10)items. You will need to obtain an order from the user who should provide theirmenu selection along with quantity. The total cost for the meal must becalculated. The user will enter the amount of their payment ($10, $20, etc.). Theprogram needs to calculate the amount due back to the user (payment minustotal cost of meal).The project instructions and deliverables are as follows:1.Create a document in Word (name the design documentyourName_Unit2.IP), and add the following:a.Title page§Course number and name§Project name§Student name§Dateb.List the data items that must be stored and used by the program.Each data item should be given a name for reference. Develop a UMLclass diagram that illustrates the data items for your program.c.List the decisions the program must make. References to the dataitems in the previous step should be used where appropriate.d.Describe the flow of operation of the program by preparingpseudocode or a UML activity diagram. All key activities should be

included, and references to the data items and decisions listed in theprevious steps should be used.2.Create a zip that includes your project folder and Word document, andupload it to the course portal