IT210 Program Assignment 2 Credit Card Interest Calculator solution


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Write a C++ program that will calculate the interest on one or more customers’ credit
cards unpaid balances using the average daily balance.
Program Input
The standard input for this program will be:
 Customer’s first and last name ;
 Credit card number (echo the number and have customer verify it is correct, reenter if incorrect)
 Balance shown in the bill (netBalance)
 Payment made (payment)
 Days in the billing cycle (d1)
 Number of days payment made before billing cycle (d2)
Calculate the average daily balance based on the equation given below:
averageDailyBalance = (netBalance * d1 – paynment * d2)/d1
interest = averageDailyBalance *APR/(100*12)
where APR depends on the average daily balance as shown below
averageDailyBalance <$100 APR = 5% averageDailyBalance between $100 and $1000 APR = 10% averageDailyBalance >$1000 APR = 15%
Your program’s input output must be identical to the sample screenshots provided.
You are required to use two loops ( a while loop and a do while loop) and a nested if.
Submission Requirements:
Submission requirements are listed under Program Submission Requirements. You are
required to include a flow chart, a program narrative describing how your program
works, input screenshots, source code with comments (font size 12, word wrap and line
numbers in margin selected), output screenshots with white background and black text,
with required files on the flash drive