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There is an old city that has an antique plumbing system. There are a lot of pipes in the city that
are useless or rarely work. We want to find a route for water to traverse from one side of the
city to the other side. There is a source of water in which water will start flowing through the
system. And there are some destinations which whenever water reaches one of them; we
consider the task of routing the water through the city to be done. So, formally speaking, there
is one start node (source) and one or more end nodes (destinations) in the city.
One strange fact about this city is that some of the pipes which are old do not function in
specific times. So, the route for water might be different in different times. You will be given
the time periods when each pipe doesn’t work. But if water is already flowing in a pipe, it will
continue flowing even if time reaches one of those periods. You just have to make sure that
when you want to select the next pipe for the rest of your water route, it is in its working time!
Keep in mind that water cannot stay in one point waiting for a pipe to start working. If you
reach a point where there is no pipe open from there, simply this route isn’t a valid route and
you have to disregard it.
You have to keep track of the time too. This is simple. We assume that it takes n units of time
for water to flow through a pipe if the length of the pipe is n. For example if you have two pipes
with length 3 and 4 in your route till now and you have started from time 2, current time will be
2 + 3 + 4 = 9.
Your task is to find a route based on the availability of the pipes in a given time using search
algorithms. You are given the start time that water will start flowing and then you have to
report the time which water reaches the other side of the city.
You will be using uninformed search algorithms that you have learned in class, i.e. you will be
implementing DFS – BFS – UCS for this assignment.
You will be given a text input file. First line of this file represents the number of test cases. The
next line will be the beginning of the 1
st test case. Each test case ends with an empty line. Each
test case consists of the following lines: