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Final Grade Calculator.


I. The system shall ingest student_grades_input.txt (see next page).

This comma delimited input text file contains the names and grades of 30 students.

Each student has grades for six assignments: 3 Homework Assignments, 1 Midterm, 1 Project, and 1 Final.

II. The system shall compute the final numerical grade for each student using the following:

final_numerical_grade = 0.45*[(HW1+HW2+HW3)/3] + 0.25*Project + 0.30*[(Midterm+Final)/2]

III. The system shall use the following to determine the final letter grade: Final Numerical Grade Final Letter Grade 90 – 100 A 80 – 89 B 70 – 79 C 60 – 69 D 0 – 59 F

IV. The system shall use a GUI to display the final letter grade for each student.

Note, a scroll bar may be needed to fit all the names and grades within the GUI. Please be sure to include screenshots that detail the entire output. More than one screenshot may be required.

V. At the bottom of the GUI, include the total number of A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and F’s.

Instructions: Develop a report that describes the system architecture, provides an overview of the source code, and addresses each of the five requirements (above).